A lot of changes going on in the Earth right now. The Earth is looking for a way to alchemize its old stuck energy. So what happens? The moment this spirit of Earth feels a group of humans who really understands what’s going on and that doesn’t go into fear of all the things, but understands it’s a graceful release, that energy is attracted, and it’s here today. So you can feel Earth energy amongst us.
Now, Tobias has talked to you many times about this. There’s a tendency to think it’s your own. “What’s wrong with me today? How come I have a few aches and pains? How come I feel I have to flatulate here in just a moment? How come I just feel like I want to scream?” Well, because it’s not yours; it’s all these energies that are being attracted.

Feel into this for a moment; let me focus with you. There’s a specific small group of beings here today. Nonphysical, but their energies are here … (pause) … see, when you expand your awareness, you realize there’s a group of what you would call students or “newbies” from the New Earth that are here visiting. They’re about to come in in physical body. This happens a lot to you. The new ones, they hang around you for a while. Sometimes they’re assigned to you. Sometimes they just are attracted to you, and they’ll follow you around. They’ll shadow you. They want to see what it’s like to be a human. They want to eat food with you, because they’ve never eaten food before. They want to be around when you laugh.

Angels really don’t know how to laugh. Did you ever hear of an angelic comedian? (laughter) Other than me, there just aren’t any. These new angels, in particular the ones who had never been here, are fascinated by this thing called the human experience. And, in particular, they’re fascinated by … they’re not real fascinated by Old Energy stuff. They’re fascinated by new changes, alchemy, transmutation of energy, coming to know thyself, coming to love thyself. So they hang around.

Sometimes you think it’s you. You think, “Why do I feel so ignorant today? How come I just don’t feel like I know how to handle this situation?” because you’re feeling their energy. You’re feeling their presence around you. Sometimes you’re overwhelmed or fascinated by some of the things that are happening or feelings that you’re having; it’s these new ones that are shadowing you.

So, awareness. Awareness. Awareness. You operate on easily thousands of levels at one time. Some are not as important or don’t have the priority. Some are very, very important. Working right now with the energy of nature, Gaia, is kind of almost at an all time high right now. Weather patterns, earthquakes, global snowing, those type of things – these are all parts of a beautiful process with Gaia and you’re feeling it.

So when you consciously breathe, which I know you do all the time. (some laughter as Adamus rolls his eyes) Aandrah, no names here, but … When you consciously breathe, now use that opportunity to also be consciously aware; consciously aware that Linda of Eesa is staring me down; consciously aware that you’re operating at many levels all at the same time, and it’s you, but you’re also feeling into other energies.

This isn’t – how do I say it – this is very practical. This isn’t dreamy-state stuff. This isn’t esoteric. This is actually becoming very practical, and it’s going to serve you very well.

As a small example: you have to buy some new clothing for an event and maybe part of you is dreading it. Do you realize that you’re already sending yourself out there to shop for the new clothes? Now, once you become aware of it, you connect with that part of you that knows how to dress elegantly and appropriately, I guess you would say, for the situation. Yes, you’re already out shopping for next month’s attire to be right here. Yes. And now you become aware of it. Now you start bringing the energy in and you get out of your head, and it starts happening. Then it comes to you easily. You don’t have to dread the shopping experience. You go out shopping, and you’re going to find your way exactly to what you want, or it’s going to come to you.

A little example. Can you imagine now applying that to everything – food, relationships, your next grand venture that you’re going to do. Instead of struggling with it up here – oh, you make my head hurt with all the struggling, me too, both of us – but you let that go. You become aware of that part of you, Alain, that is already working on the project, that has developed or is seeing into its beautiful energy, and the part of you that doesn’t worry about the financial return, about the resources, about these mundane human needs. It’s just out there in grand creation. It’s there. It’s actually closer than what you think. It’s there. It’s you. It’s not me doing it, it’s you doing it, and it’s there.

Every breath, every drink of water, every yawn, every cough you make, remember awareness. So much more is happening.

Now, that’s the good news. You become aware of multidimensional living. You become aware of the many, many facets of the jewel that you are.

The bad news – there isn’t any. But what does happen as your awareness expands, at first there’s going to be part of you that’s going to feel a little tired, a little overwhelmed, because your brain can’t handle awareness. Do you realize your brain … I don’t mean to talk bad about the brain all the time, but today we’re going to alchemize your brain, if you don’t mind. We’re going to transmute it today. Today. (audience applause)

The brain is not a vessel of awareness. It’s not. It’s a vessel of memory, recall. But true awareness isn’t memory at all. It’s in the moment. It’s got feeling attached to it. It’s got passion keeping it flowing and becoming more aware of itself.

The brain recalls. Consciousness is aware.

So we move beyond just the brain. We move beyond the singular awareness. There are butterflies in the room right now, and I’m not kidding. They’re here. They’re some of your Pakauwahs, and they’re floating around.

I know one of the issues is you say, “Well aren’t I going to be considered a little lunatic outside of this safe space?” No, not at all. We’re going to talk about it in June when I do my mental health workshop. See Cauldre wasn’t aware that he’s already going to be doing it. (Adamus chuckles) So we’re going to talk about that.

The world wants to dream right now. The world wants to escape its prison right now. It’s desperate for it. But it has doubts. Humanity has been, oh, taken advantage of a lot of times, so they’re a bit skeptical. So if you start talking about the butterflies that were floating all around you today and the butterfly that is sitting on your shoulder as you’re talking to them and the big white puma that is purring right beside them, yes, at first they’re going to wonder about you. But not really.

In the long run, humanity right now so much wants to know their dreams. They so much want to be opening up into awareness. They want to know that there’s something else beyond beyond. They want to know that there’s a reason for all of this. They want to know that … feel into it with me for a moment. You have this very old overlay belief of God. My contention is, if you feel into this for a moment, humans don’t want to believe in that God anymore, but they’re afraid. They’re programmed. They’ve been told that if they don’t believe in that God then the devil’s going to get them, so they’re locked into place. I call it hypnosis. I call it freezing in a belief system. It’s a stalemate – energy stalemate. But something deep within is calling out to them, their soul, saying there has got to be something else. It can’t be the way they were taught when they were young. It can’t be the way that the churches profess this to be. There’s got to be something else…

channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe