As we survey the damage in Haiti and Child after their recent earthquakes, we wonder how they will rebuild and when things will return to normal. Providing housing for millions and re-creating infrastructure is an enormous task, when so much has been destroyed. But although the word used to describe this process is re-building, that is not what is going to happen. New methods of construction and different materials will be used, to ensure that the new buildings are safe and more secure. New streets and neighborhoods will replace the old. Little will be rebuilt, because there is nothing to rebuild from. Instead, it is a reconstruction, a time to start over and create something much different.
This is something that makes the re-ordering of the world so difficult, because we believe that once the dust has settled we will just tidy things up a bit and life will return to normal. But there is no ‘normal’ to go back to.

Everything that was once part of our world has been removed, drastically change or, we have changed so much that even if we did go back, we would find little to connect to. Reconstruction means to build again and that is what we are facing on individual and global level.
We have several ways to approach reconstruction. One is to be sad and want someone else to make the hard choices, to do the work for us so we can just step into the finished product. Or we want to run away and hide, until the trauma is over and then decide what we will do. These are tempting solutions but while we may consider them, we know they are not right for us. The other option is more difficult at first but also more rewarding in the long run. And that is to become very clear about what we want and to know that it is in this moment that we are giving birth to the life we want to live.

Patience is less important than focus. With patience we watch as the day and weeks go by, wondering whether we will ever feel safe and in control again. Focus sets the energy for reconstruction and its big question is, “What do we want?” The ‘old’ can be used to remind us of what we no longer want, it is the rubble of the past. Our reality needs a new, firmer foundation. It has taken so much courage to get here and now that we are, we are timid, wondering how to use the power we have to reconstruct our reality. What we need is confidence, a laser-sharp focus and the driving intensity that we often give to others, to bring our dreams forward and start manifesting the reality we never thought was possible.