Ascension is the spiraling journey from separation to wholeness, from fear to love and from polarity to connection. It is the path the earth has taken since its birth, separating from Source so it could eventually rejoin itself. The purpose of ascension extends beyond humanity’s role, it is astral, energetic and vibrational. Within it are multiple paradigms that all lead to ascension and all share a common purpose, the healing of separation and the rejoining of the separate to the whole.

With separation the earth chose the paradigm of polarity, following the plan that was created as the earth’s soul contract with Source. Within this contract are many paradigms for ascension, each one an experience of the journey to wholeness through different energetic vibrations. Beyond the reality of the earth that you can see with your eyes, which is allowed through the filter of the earth’s density, are the limitless paradigms through which you experience your many lifetimes.

You choose paradigms according to your healing, the fear you must transmute into love, the pain that can become joy and the doubt that becomes faith and trust. Each paradigm has an energetic vibration that matches your soul’s desire for wholeness. A new paradigm is one thought away. You can move between paradigms with each choice you make. Those you choose fulfill lessons and once they are completed, you can choose any other paradigm that corresponds to the level of vibration you want to experience. Your choice of paradigm takes you into other dimensions and timelines. There is no reality beyond that which corresponds to your current paradigm.

Your intention activates a paradigm, which connects you to the energetic vibrations that become your individual and collective reality. Each thought creates its own paradigm which expands or contracts your reality, according to your beliefs. Allow yourselves to move freely through paradigms, setting your intention for the energies you choose as your reality. As you select those that resonate with the energetic vibrations of love, peace, joy, the people and situations are called into being that will create these experiences. Heaven on earth is the final outcome of all paradigms, and that journey is short or long, depending on your intention and the energies you choose to experience. All is choice and you are the chooser.