One can find countless theories about what’s supposed to happen in 2012 – ranging from all out doom and gloom, to total enlightenment and ascension, to absolutely nothing. It is important to look beyond the hype, as many of the 2012 predictions now in circulation have no roots in the actual prophecies of the Maya, and are simply projections from the human psyche of our basic hopes and fears.

The 2012 Galactic Alignment theory of John Major Jenkins has become quite popular, and should be mentioned as Jenkins has invested decades of research and decoding into the ancient Maya and their time science. From his studies of the mythology and astronomy of Izapa, the ancient Maya birthplace of the Long Count Calendar, he asserts that the end of their 13 Baktun Cycle in 2012 is highlighting the rare 26,000 year alignment between the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. He affirms this is a process that is already underway, not something happening all on one day, and that it also reflects the spiritual teachings of the ancient Maya prophecies regarding the shifting of World Age cycles. Their Creation Myths depict the change in eras, as the power plays of the ego and false, corrupt rulership are defeated, giving way for a new era that is ruled and guided by higher wisdom, based in unity-consciousness.

However, as far as the actual day of 12-21-2012 goes – ultimately, with all the variables, and all the unknowns and unknowables, no one can say with any certainty what will, or will not, happen precisely on Solstice 2012, nor how gradually or rapidly all the changes yet to come will unfold. We are already living through a time of unspeakable intensity, on the edge of extinction and breakthrough.

There is nothing to wait for, we are right in the thick of it! Our shared journey is all connected to this moment and manifests according to how we navigate from this here and now.

An important point made by Mayan Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios, is that in regards to the warnings from the ancients of possible catastrophies yet to come, it is critical we realize that it is within our power to change the outcome. He says it is within our power to prevent the worst case self-destruction scenarios from happening, and instead rise to a new level of evolution.

As Mr. Barrios shares: “This is the time people need to know what is the purpose of their own lives. This is a dangerous time because we can go to the next step, to the transition, to the fusion of the polarities, or it is a time when we can be destroyed. This materialistic way of life, all this business about economic and social position in the world, it needs to change and the people need to go inside themselves in order to know what they are and to find harmony with the mother earth, with human beings, with their brothers, with the animals, with the plants. It’s an important time because we are in the moment of the prophesies and humanity can be destroyed or we can be saved, all together.”

In this process of taking our power, it is important that we take our attention off of the 2012 date as being some linear point in the future that some event is going to happen that determines our fate. The reality is we are on a journey, right now, through the shifting of world age cycles. We have to understand this is a PROCESS we are now in, not a product that will necessarily arrive on a particular day and time. As is obvious, focusing on future projections is a distraction to this moment and its opportunities. While maintaining awareness of the larger context of this time of prophecy, we know that this here and now is where our life is playing out; rather than projecting imaginations into the future, this is the moment of empowerment.

Also, in a broader sense, if we contemplate the theme of Apocalypse that is being associated with the 2012 prophecy, we can learn a lot by looking into the original meaning of the word Apocalypse: Revealing of that which has been hidden; lifting of the veil; uncovering. We can see this phenomena in our world as the covers are being lifted, the veils are thinning, and we are being shown many dimensions that have previously been hidden. The corruption and insanity within ourselves and those in positions of power in the world is being rapidly exposed, as is the profound and untapped depths of beauty and wisdom living within our own hearts now revealing itself!