Back to John Major Jenkins’ Galactic Alignment theory of the rare 26,000 year alignment between the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator (shown above). This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis and shifts the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Jenkins states that because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator. The precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998. Thus, the Galactic Alignment “zone” is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 – 2016. This is “era-2012.”

As Jenkins notes: “In terms of Mayan astronomy and mythology, the Dark Rift feature (which the Maya called the Black Road or Xibalba Be) lies along the galactic equator (the Milky Way) in the place where the December solstice sun will be in 2012. (More precisely, the December solstice sun will reach the southern terminus of the Dark Rift, where it touches the ecliptic in Sagittarius.) Thus, in terms of Mayan mythology, we can also describe the Galactic Alignment of era-2012 as the alignment of the December solstice sun and the Dark Rift. This entire region is targeted by the cross formed by the Milky Way and the ecliptic between Sagittarius and Scorpio.

To the Maya, The Milky Way was seen as the Tree of Life where all life came from,
depicted here as their symbol of “The World Tree”

“This Cross was also recognized by the Maya, and was called the Crossroads or Sacred Tree. This entire region is embraced by what astronomers call the ‘nuclear bulge’ of the Galactic Center—the center of our Milky Way galaxy. As any amateur astronomer or naked-eye star gazer knows, this nuclear bulge is recognizable without the aid of radio telescopes. It is wider and brighter than other parts of the Milky Way. So, in a general sense we can also say that the alignment in 2012 is an alignment between the December solstice sun and the Galactic Center. However, since the nuclear bulge is quite large, this definition is not as precise as saying “the alignment of the December solstice sun with the galactic equator,” which occurs in the range 1980 – 2016. This is the alignment zone I refer to with the term “era-2012.”

John Major Jenkins makes a fascinating link between the ancient monuments of Izapa and this World Age Renewal process we are currently amidst. As he describes one of the throne monuments of Izapa: “The birth canal between the legs of the throne figure is analogous to the dark-rift in the Milky Way. This “black cleft” feature is called by the modern Quiché Maya the Xibalba Be …Generally, as an underworld portal, it is related to the complex of motifs assigned to the jaguar’s mouth, serpent mouths, caves, cenotes, a woman’s birth canal, temple doorways, and so on. A significant equation in this mythic complex is the “dark-rift as birth canal,” for it is through the birth canal of the Milky Way that the solstice sun will be reborn in the years around 2012.” What might this imply about our World Age Rebirth process?

Jenkins offers a fascinating look into Izapa Cosmology. sharing that in the stelae you can see the Creation Myth of the Ancient Maya “Popol Vuh” playing out. As he describes one of stones: “Although eroded, it is clear that it shows a victorious ballplayer, probably one of the hero twins, standing over a demised Seven Macaw bird deity. This indicates to the viewer two things: the former god, now defeated, and the new god, newly “victorious” or newly “born.” This scene relates to the Creation myth wherein the hero twins must defeat the vain, false ruler of the previous world age, Seven Macaw, before their father, One Hunahpu, can be reborn. A lengthy examination of early Measoamerican calendrics is omitted here, which demonstrate that One Hunahpu was probably associated with the December solstice sun at Izapa… the solar god’s rebirth is inextricably involved in it’s future alignment with the Milky Way…”

Jenkins shares further: On the north side of the ballcourt, at position C, we find a solar lord sitting in the middle of a canoe with his arms outstretched. The canoe probably represents both the ballcourt and the Milky Way, toward which the ballcourt is oriented. The outstretched arms indicate a period-ending “measuring of time” event. Since the contextual orientation of the ballcourt is to the December solstice, which itself is a period ending, we might presume that the solar lord is the December solstice lord…This stela thus seems to portray the December solstice sun sitting in the middle of the Milky Way “canoe.” It is extremely interesting that the part of the Milky Way that rises over the solstice horizon to the southeast is the nuclear bulge of the Milky Way—the part of the Milky Way that contains the Galactic Center.”

As Jenkins clarifies an important point: “Human beings living today have a special destiny, as Divine Plan works through the cycles of nature. But the renewal of humanity is not determined by the stars, for free will is an essential component of the spiritual evolution of consciousness. Our willing participation in these great energy shifts is required. To open up to the galactic energy of change is difficult and will transform us. But we have an opportunity to move into closer relationship with the source and center of life. The astronomical alignment does not “cause” us to grow; rather, it corresponds to a process of awakening happening in the depths of our inner being. It is the outer symbol of an essentially spiritual revolution. Nevertheless, the galactic alignment of era-2012 is an open door, inviting us to grow spiritually. To do so we must sacrifice the illusions that keep us bound to dark and limited realms of existence. Let us open to the light within and stretch our souls to the stars!”


On June 6th, 2012 we will experience a rare Venus Transit where Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun.

The rare alignments of Venus moving across the disk of the Sun are clustered in pairs, and separated by about 120 years. (Four conjunctions within 234 years).

The Venus transit to come in 2012 is the 2nd half of the pair that was initiated by the Venus Transit that occurred on June 8th, 2004, which Dr. Jose Arguelles proclaimed was “the sign of the full opening of the Road to 2012.”

Venus was highly revered by the Ancient Maya, and some say it was one of the most important focal points of their calendars. According to one of the only surviving Mayan books, the Dresden Codex, the beginning of the Great Cycle on August 11, 3114 BC is referred to as the “Birth of Venus,” so it is no suprise that the end of the cycle would be marked by a Venus transit!

Venus is associated with the Goddess, Love, Beauty, Art, and the Heart. Therefore, these 2004/2012 transits of Venus as thought to herald the Return of the Divine Feminine. Since the previous transit in 2004, we are now in this time which can be called the “Cauldron of the Venus Returns,” or “The Doorway of Venus,” and there is much possibility to open greater gateways to our heart and receive to the Venus energy which can assist us in bringing new opportunities, new paradigms, and birthing new archetypes.

As astrologer Richard Giles shares: “The eight years that pass between each occultation are fecund processing moments for new ideas and world change. Previous cycles show that global communications and a shift in consciousness regarding the scope and nature of the world are all part of these transits. The other focus is Venus’s role as female entity and ruler of the feminine, the creative and as an artistic channel for new breakthroughs… Venus is the female love principal in astrology. It’s the primordial Yin energy of our system. It’s harmony, beauty, sociability, co-operation, women and the goddess energy. So when Venus aligns with the Sun (from our Earth’s perspective), the principle life force is united with love, female energy, harmony and the goddess principle.


The consensus seems to be that it is important we consider solar flares as potentially very important components in this 2012 prophecy. As 2012 messenger, Dr. Jose Arguelles shared in recent interviews, he feels there is definitely a possibility that solar flares could take out satellites and wipe out the electric power grid – greatly affecting our modern civilization which is totally reliant upon these technologies.

In terms of timing, it is interesting to note that the U.S. government’s Space Environmental Center has determined that the peak of the next solar (sunspot) cycle is likely to be in 2011/2012. According to CNN, during these peaks in the cycle, solar flares and vast explosions, known as coronal mass ejections, shoot highly charged matter toward earth, potentially affecting airline flights, communications satellites, and electric transmissions. Currents induced in electrical transmission lines can cause blackouts.

While no one can say with any certainty if this type of occurrence will come to pass, this is definitely a hot topic among scientists who are forecasting that we are nearing the most intense solar maximum in fifty years. This is significant because we are in a whole new technological era than we were fifty years ago. According to the National Center for Atmospheric Research: “The next sunspot cycle will be 30-50% stronger than the last one… (read more: