The legions of angels that guide and sustain each of you are a constant presence that you cannot see but they are present all around you. Of all that is unsure, uncertain and transitional at this time, you can know that your angels are always with you. In times of trouble they increase their efforts to protect you and guide you through your fear. In times of sadness they stand beside you with comfort until you can find the blessings in the pain you are experiencing. When you most want their help they are there for you and even when you ignore them, they keep a silent vigil over you, loving you even though you have forgotten them.

With each lifetime you bring teams of angels with you as your protectors and guides. They are your reminders of your self in spirit, the love and joy of heaven and the purpose of your journey. You bring them with you because you know that once within the density of the earth’s energy you will forget who you are and your divine purpose. And just as you forget your Self, you also forget them and the help they can provide on your path. They carry the energy of your soul contract as well as the information you need to carry you beyond its fulfillment. The plan for your life also includes what you can do once your healing is completed.

For to be part of your life they must have your permission, to know that you are willing to allow them to help you. They cannot interfere in your life or act outside your free will. You must be willing to ask for their guidance and then open to receiving it. Imagine a door that stands between you and your angels. You knock on the door and hope they will answer. When they do not you walk away, feeling alone and powerless. What you do not know about this door is that its handle is on your side of the door and you alone have the ability and power to open it.

Open the door to the loving guidance and support your angels have to give you. So many of them are waiting for your invitation so they can help you remember them and the promises you shared. The angels see all potentials and can guide you to your dreams in many ways. When you can call on them you are open to the fulfillment of your mastery and to live beyond healing and atonement. Call on your angels in all things, at all times for nothing is too large or small for them. Use your angels in all things so you can know their joy and remember your Self through them. They are waiting for you to include them in your journey and renew the partnership you created to guide you through this journey of life.