The ending of this huge calendar cycle is asking us to confront the reality that our human-planetary equation has become out of balance. At this point in the cycle, humanity’s collective conscience is calling to us all. We can no longer overlook the many design flaws inherent in our modern lifestyles that dangerously neglect to account for our interdependence with Nature in all its forms. We are being inspired to transform our self-centered materialism into a respect for life, moving from ignorance to awareness.

As we become increasingly aware of how we are each personally impacting our global culture, we realize our responsibility to awaken so that we can participate lucidly in this process. This awakening process we are in is a whole-systems one. To survive and thrive in the face of all the shifts that are upon us, our only real option is for us to personally and collectively change, shift, grow, evolve, mutate into a more aware species that is increasingly dedicated and courageously becoming conscious of how to operate on earth in greater harmony with the One Sphere of Life. We need each other in this process, our work together is to refine our choices and attitudes, knowing we affect each other intimately, and all our Relations.

As we ponder what the Mayan codes in stone may signify in our lives – exploring the meaning of 2012 and seeing what it’s trying to point us to – let us keep in mind that the calendars of the Ancient Maya are understood to be communicating not just physical cycles, but mental and spiritual cycles of unfolding as well. Let us hold the possibility that the completion of this vast cycle of time is signalling an emerging human willingness to align with participating in a world of health and harmony for all.

It is clear that we are being called to re-define our human culture, so that we understand our roles as stewards of our Earth and creative emenations of an evolutionary spiral of consciousness that is unfolding in natural time. As we are receptively learning how to cooperate once again with the Laws of Nature, remembering our interdependance, we are opening to our deepest potential as a species, stepping into our power as creative artists here to beautify our shared Life!