Now that we are aware of our different aspects, spiritual, physical, emotional and energetic, how do we put them all together so that we are in balance and more importantly, so that this becomes an unconscious process and expresses itself in our lives automatically? The answer lies in our energetic presence because it constantly provides us with a benchmark that reveals where we are in our spiritual growth, what we are feeling and thinking, and to know what we are mirroring through what is manifesting for us. Our energetic presence is our ascension monitor and through it, we can achieve wholeness.

Whenever we are not feeling well, or we’re unhappy and perhaps even empathically pull in others’ energy, our energetic presence is giving us strong signals. It communicates with our soul and from the soul’s desire for wholeness begins to tweak our inner and outer realities to bring our human aspects, the physical and emotional, into awareness of the need for transformation so they can align with our spiritual aspect. Or, more accurately, it works to bring our human, third dimensional aspects into higher energetic levels.

Events will occur to show us where there is dominance of any aspect by enhancing those energies. So we will experience more emotions, issues with the physical body, and discord in our lives so we become aware of any aspect that is using too much of our energetic resources. This will manifest as unhappiness, depression, a job loss, a move, a strong desire for change, a relationship ending or a new one beginning. All of these are the result of our energetic presence trying to move us into higher energetic levels by showing us where we are out of alignment.

Too much emotion can be balanced with detachment and discernment. Physical issues require compassion, taking care of our needs and putting ourselves first. Addressing challenges with awareness of our need to create balance brings us to a new level of spiritual growth and raises our energetic vibrations. And then we can understand heaven on earth because we will know wholeness, and with it, the joy and peace that come from being fully balanced in our presence, with the clarity that comes with being wholly present, in our power and manifesting from our whole self.