There are many things that you know, which are those things you have learned in this lifetime. You also know much from previous lifetimes, which you may not remember but this knowledge comes to you as you are able to use it in your healing and release work. You also add to your knowing from other people and you learn about yourselves from what they reflect back to you. All of this is knowing that can be known through your human senses. But this is not your true knowing. And unless you use your knowing, you know nothing of yourself, others or the world.

You know someone loves you when they treat you lovingly. But do you know they love you when they don’t? Those who are kind and thoughtful you know as friends and partners but do you know that those who are cruel, unkind and inconsiderate love you too? Those who stand by you and are supportive are your loyal friends but do you know that those who abandon and betray you also love you?

The knowing you use to judge others and yourselves is of the emotions. You know you are loved, supported and appreciated when you feel those things. Your true knowing, that which comes from spirit, the Higher Self and Source, knows that you are loved at all times and in all ways, no matter how the circumstances in your life may prove differently. The one who betrays you loves you as much as the one who is your loving friend. The one who hurts you loves you as much as one who would never be unkind to you.

With your emotional knowing you are in a constant state of judgment about the people and situations in your life. Each new level of spiritual understanding moves you beyond emotional knowing and increases your connection to your inner knowing. When you know with your knowing, which is your light-based inner Source wisdom, you know only one thing, that you are always loved supported and guided. See everyone through your knowing, willingly release your judgments so you stand in your knowing that you are a divine, spiritual being whose earthly emotions are a small part of your life journey and that the truth you can use for the fulfillment of your purpose of healing and reconnection is found in your knowing.