“When man liberates his inner potential
he becomes powerful and everything is possible.”
– Bolivian Shaman Chamalu
First thing first – rather than preparing for some future moment down the road, let’s notice how we are participating in life this moment. Rather than focusing on an imaginary destination, we need to realize we are already in the midst of this planetary transformation process. The 2012 synchronization is a call to purpose. What is our life’s mission? We each have a unique role in these times. We need to follow our inspiration! As we find our passion, we feel alive, we feel directed. That is why following fear thoughts does not serve us, because the voices of self-doubt and anxiety don’t inspire us to be part of the solution, rather they clog us and often lead us to shutdown from our positive creativity. What we need is to feel engaged in life, knowing we are part of this collective mandala of being.

The wisdom that the 2012 code can inspire in us is to look directly at our lives, right here and now: Where is our focus? What are our guiding principles? What are our motivations? How can we live in greater harmony with all our Relations? How can we feel truly alive? How can we embody genuine compassion? How can we face our edges and grow? How we can become increasingly aware and self-reflective? How can we deepen our humility? How can we share our talents and gifts as a way to influence our culture and help manifest the new paradigm? How can we be of service to life and positively contribute to the Whole? How can we work on behalf of future generations that they might inherit the best planetary situation we can give to them? How can we cultivate a balance of being and doing, receptivity and action?

On this diverse planet, we all have different strengths, different abilities, different callings. Rather than looking to the world to show us our path, we need to look deep within and listen to our inner sense of how to navigate these times of great unknown.

It is essential we learn to hear the voice of our inner wisdom. No one can give us wisdom, it must dawn and dwell inside of us, born of our own direct experience. We each have our own direct connection to our Spirit and we must keep learning how to hear our divine, intuitive directives, whispering within. This ability to hear the voice of our inner guidance is the most practical skill we can cultivate in these times. It is what will inform us to how to synchronize in the right place at the right time.

This process of synchronization with our own intuition, and with the universe at large, is greatly amplified by learning how to live in harmony with natural time cycles. This awakens our conscious awareness of synchronicities as the natural order of life. This can practically be done by choosing to follow the 13-Moon Calendar that is based in the harmonic mathematics of the Ancient Maya, purposely designed as a solar-lunar-galactic calendar for the modern world to reconnect with the sacred essence of time. In light of the 2012 prophecy, people in 90 countries around the world are choosing to synchronize every day with this life-changing tool. As we follow the natural rhythms and cycles of this new paradigm calendar, we are guided to infuse every day with a unique spiritual focus. Together we are forming a web of telepathic unification, becoming conscious vessels of nature’s harmonies.

Ultimately, this time of world ages transitioning is calling each of us to grow beyond fear of the unknown into courage, compassion, and creative empowerment – all of which emerge from connecting to our Hearts. When we look at the state of the world affairs from our rational, linear minds it is a terrifying scenario that seems inherently doomed with endless cause for alarm and panic. But where will those energies of fear and panic get us? They lead to stress, sickness, overwhelm, negativity, depression and escapism. The old paradigm model uses fear to motivate us, whereas the new paradigm is based in allowing our love for life to inspire us.

As we shift out of living from the box of our heads, and open to the expanse of our hearts, we can unify our minds with our sacred vulnerability. If we can perceive this time of prophecy through our hearts, we can attune to the possibilities of this emerging new world consciousness. How does it want to speak and move through us – touching our relations and rippling out into the world? The connection to our heart’s sincerity is our only authentic guide in this Mystery. The new world age can and will only be born through and as our Hearts. There is no other medium for the transmutation process other than our own core being.

As the intensity of our journey continues, it is essential we learn how to work with the presence of fears and practice ways to transmute them so they are not debilitating. As the Shambhala Warrior teachings of Buddhism advise: Fearlessness is not about a reduction in fears, it is about feeling the fears but not letting them stop us. That is the opportunity of these times – to acknowledge the fears but not let them run us, instead let their presence guide us to come back to our tender heart centers. If we can find courage in our hearts to rise to the great challenges we are in, we can bring beauty and breathe life into possibility.

As things continue accelerating, there is an increasing need to stabilize the agitation and panic vibrations in the collective. Stress is becoming increasingly tangible, and we each need to find how to generate vibrations of coherence, especially as we understand that our energies radiate out and affect our whole environment. The more we can practice centering, the better. Meditation and prayer is essential to align our intentions with our clearest self. It is becoming inescapably important to learn how to process our negative emotions, facing them rather than projecting them out, so as to avoid adding to the planetary tension equation.

On this note, it is said the Ancient Hawaiians had a prophecy that there would come a time on the planet where there would be so much chaos it would require many to emerge as Agents of Calm. It feels these times have arrived. It is essential that we focus on cultivating our internal harmony so that we can contribute to generating harmony in the world.

It is essential that we deepen our connection with our breath, as it is the most direct way to ground and re-center in the present moment. Conscious breathing helps us let go of stress, calm and clear our minds, and re-open to our heart’s expanse.

We must support ourselves holistically in this transformation process we are in. We need to consider our health and well-being on all levels. To balance out the artificial energies of these modern times, it is wise to immerse one’s self in nature as much as possible. Being in natural environments re-charges us with elemental magic and a sense of wholeness that helps to counter-balance all the technospheric vibrations and over-stimulation of the age of information overload.

Our bodies are the temples of our spirits; they are the instruments through which we play our life’s song. We need to take care of our bodies during these times. We are already living in a compromised situation based on the pollution of the air, water, earth and the increasing electro-magnetic pollution that innundates us from all directions. We must cover all the basics: Keeping our bodies vital with movement, rest, water, and organic foods. As Mayan Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios says, “Eat wisely. A lot of food is corrupt in either subtle or gross ways. Pay attention to what you are taking into your body.”

Our mind and emotions are unified with our bodies. Part of our health is to honor the intensity of the emotions that are arising in these times and find tools that help us process and release old patterns, so we can be available to be present. This is really the time to do the work to heal old wounds. We need to truly learn the powers of forgiveness of self and others, and true compassion towards our human sufferings; learning to be tender towards ourselves and our relationships.

We must be alert to all the anxiety and turbulence in the collective mind-field in these times. To evolve, it is essential we engage in some form of mind-training. As Alex Polari said: “Every thought it is an entity.” We need to be aware of what thoughts we are entertaining, believing in, identifying with, energizing and incarnating into life. (Some helpful teachings in this regard include the work of Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie.)

This is a critical moment to be self-reflective. We must examine everything we can notice about ourselves and our tendencies, our habitual patterns, our attitudes and what we believe that we believe. WE MUST QUESTION OUR THOUGHTS. We must notice the pathways that energy manifests through us. We are beginning to deeply understand how our perceptions and beliefs mold our experiences of reality. As we contemplate all the creative power that exists within our collective consciousness, we are beginning to imagine just how vast and expansive our possibilities may actually be.

This prophecy is about us looking at ourselves and understanding how we are contributing to the planetary equation; recognizing how our beliefs, our intentions, our words and deeds feed directly to the one pool of being we are all swimming in. We have the power to uplift our shared life. Every moment invites us back to this power within us, our creative power inherent in being alive.

Our opportunity in these times is to awaken from a mentality of perceiving everything as separate and to awaken the interconnectedness of all beings and all moments. Our deepest most fragile tender heart is our celestial core, it is the seat of Oneness that dwells within us. It is our awakened heart that recognizes “the other” as our own self, and feels our unity with all that lives.

A Tz’utujil Maya Medicine-Woman from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala recently spoke about the importance of relating to Mother Earth and Father Sun and Grandmother Moon as living beings that we need to respect and be in intimate relationship with. She said we need to do ceremonies and make a lot of prayers, and give back by making beautiful offerings to Mother Earth like flowers, incense, different colored candles, etc. She said during these times, it is important to not be afraid, to be strong, to have faith, to pay attention to our dreams, and to learn how to grow our food gardens.

Many people are aware of the need for us to determine how to live in physically sustainable ways on this planet, but often the issue of spiritual preparation is overlooked. We need both. We definitely need to question the models and values that modern society presents as normal and increasingly find ways to live that lessen our environmental footprints, especially focusing on developing our local communities. And we also need to purify and align our internal relationship to all of life.

Obviously as a modern society we are in a whole-systems challenge to re-orient our lifestyles to live in harmony with nature. But it is only an illuminated understanding of our unity that can truly motivate and guide us to manifest real solutions. While the task at hand may seem insurmountable, let us remain open to possibilities of miraculous break-throughs emerging, brought about by awakenings in our human consciousness. For truly, there is no need to impose a limit on what might be possible for us as an evolving species, as we move from ignorance to wisdom, greed to compassion, competition to cooperation, we can discover the untold magic of synergy!

We must not be discouraged by the intensity of these times, for they are accelerated on purpose. As we understand we are in a process of an old world paradigm dying and coming apart at the seams, we can have patience and courage, knowing we are here to help anchor the new! As we hold the highest vision for the transformation of our world, rooting to our clearest intentions, let us release expectations on how things are supposed to appear, surrendering to the larger unfolding.

This moment in the collective dream is steeped in mystery. This mystery has a heartbeat that lives within us. Let it be known that we are here to manifest the new culture that is based on conscious, harmonious interdependence. This is the fulfillment this prophecy is inviting of us!

May we all find our way. May we bring light into the dark, and go to where the Heart is. For it is in giving, sharing, helping and supporting that this life becomes beautified. We need each other to grieve with, to pray with, to praise with. We need each other to uplift each other, over and over, back into connection with our true nature. The light that shines through my eyes is the same light I see in yours.

As the Maya say, “In Lak’ech” – I am Another Yourself.

Everyone has a key
buried within
with which to unlock
one’s innermost potential
This is the mysterious
quest of Life
Search by receiving