There are countless levels of energy in the third dimension, each of them has a purpose and a place in the grand plan of ascension. Even though you have chosen the level at which you will function, there are many levels that will wish to interact with you. Some of them will be challenging and will bring forth anger and hurt. Others will be supportive and will confirm your growth and healing. When you choose to walk the path of ascension you stand in unconditional love that allows you to respond to every energy with forgiveness, before you speak.

By extending forgiveness to each person and situation, you are accepting everything in its state of divinity and acknowledging your role as creator of your reality. Nothing ‘happens’ to you and there are no accidents or challenges you face which you did not create for your learning and healing. Yet you are tempted to attack those who challenge you, believing that it is their responsibility to treat you with kindness and respect. But each person connects with you at the energy level they are comfortable with, not the one you desire.

Those who are in fear wish to maintain their fear level and bring you to that level. When you extend forgiveness you respond to their fear with love and allow them to know that energy. This allows them to choose it for themselves because you have awakened them to the possibility of ascension through your forgiveness. In this way you control the energies you allow in your reality. After you extend forgiveness, you can speak or interact from your most powerful self and deflect any lower level energies that have been directed to you. Without forgiveness, you can feel hurt and angry. With forgiveness, you extend compassion and stay in your own power.

There are times when you will be tested by those who wish to experience your light but who can only do so at their level. The person who attacks you is acting from their level of anger and frustration and reflecting their level of self love. You can respond to them through their anger or from your position of power. By extending forgiveness you remove the cords to every connection you have at the level of fear and maintain control over the ego’s desire for validation. Before you speak, forgive those who hurt or challenge you, any situation of lack or fear and every experience of pain. Then you can allow your words to come from the place of light where love exists and stay in your power.