Through your ascension journey you bring forth new possibilities for connection into the realities you call your life. For each reality you know, there are countless others you have not yet considered. They wait for you to acknowledge your potential, creative power, divinity and mastery. Each new experience is simply new to you, as it has existed in your field of potential for lifetimes, waiting for the right energy to allow it to give birth.

These new realities come into being through your heart, as you move energies from the lower chakras into your high heart.

Living through your heart is a new dimension of being, where all life and every reality exists as a stream of energetic potential. On the material plane and in lower vibrations your heart is experienced as emotions. Within higher dimensions your heart is experienced as pure potential awaiting form. The emotions are always shifting, expecting, demanding and judgmental. Potential is light centered, unwavering, loving, detached and joyful. The emotions are mirrors of the past; potential is held within the present moment.

Within each of you is the light of God, the spark of divine presence that is waiting to burst into the joyous expression of your true self, that which is held within the still, quiet presence of your heart. When this light is connected to your emotions they expand your reality with the manifestation of your highest potential and you witness the birth of your divinity in human form. Then every aspect of your reality resonates with the light from your heart and you can know heaven on earth. Without light, the emotions stay within their energetic cycles and are limited to their own expression.

For each limiting emotion you feel there is a heart centered truth you can use to transform it. Anger is lightened by peace, fear by love, sorrow by joy and any limiting illusion into unlimited truth. When you live through your heart you are living fully within your Self, expressing the glory of your divinity and expanding the reality you know into the truth of your dreams. Humanity needs the example of heart-based living so it can see beyond the limitations of its illusions of fear and into the truth of its divinity. Greet each person from your heart, send them light and be the light for the world. As you expand your heart you also expand the earth’s energetic matrix and allow it to hold more light, providing human with an ascension paradigm that will guide its unfoldment to the fulfillment of the promise of heaven on earth.