The life lived with purpose is one that flows effortlessly from one experience to the next, a cycle of receiving and release that moves into ever higher energetic levels. The material life becomes a mirror of spiritual growth and understanding, so that each experience on the material plane is simply an opportunity to review what occurring on the spiritual. Our spiritual lives are expressed through our humanity and the outcome is the best combination of spiritual and material. This all sounds like a wonderful, simple process until we add duality, the energy of the third dimension.

Spirit flows to us in an endless, limitless, boundless stream of energy. If we could be in this flow we would be in a constant state of bliss, receiving, releasing, shifting, growing and learning in an evolution of heaven on earth. But Spirit flows until it meets duality, the energy of the ego and free will. This meeting is either a joyful acceptance which creates a powerful partnership, a complete rejection which excludes Spirit or something in between.

Duality wishes to express every aspect of itself, which is something like finding new ways to touch fire and not get burned. It is stubborn and willful and sees its purpose as conquering the world through its energy. Duality then becomes its own purpose and the life lived in this way exists solely to express duality, separation, disconnection and the Spirit-less life. Within duality we feel powerless because it has a way of creating messes which we must focus our time and energy to fix. Yet, if we allow the smallest amount of Spirit into our reality, duality fades into the background.

Just as a small light can illuminate a great deal of darkness, so can a small amount of willingness to work with Spirit transform duality into partnership, allowing us to experience effortless living. Wherever we are focused, directed, obsessed, grasping and fearful is where we are expressing duality in its singular aspects. Being willing to let go, open up to Spirit, consider other options and able to view ourselves beyond the material creates a new life purpose, the expression of spiritual partnership. And this then leads to the effortless flow of life and new possibilities for joyful, purpose-led living that is the expression of heaven on earth.