The Oneness is complete Life, undivided and indivisible, always present.All Life, despite having many shapes and forms, is One.
The ego is the illusion of separation that makes us believe that there is a distinction between inside and outside, between us and others. The ego is a framework of habits, fears, judgments and prejudices that we call personality or character and that imprisons the accomplishment of our TrueNature.
When, looking at our lives, we become aware that we are all One, we realize that there is no separation between us and the world, and that the people we have met in our lives are merely our own projections, as we are theirs, and to a greater or lesser extent, each reflects a part of us: our light and our shadow.

If we learn to observe others as our mirrors to understand who we are, we become deeply aware of our scars and the limiting beliefs through which we co-create our lives.  And when the reflections that, as mirrors, we emanate, are cleared of every fear and every limiting belief, we finally become whole and pure mirrors of Light. And we finally become Human Angels.