Helping someone at all costs, means violating the Sacred Law of Free Will. When someone is suffering, we can offer, always and anyway, to be there for them, but we are free to intervene only when we have the consent of their soul.
“Remember: darkness is an illusion that disappears with the light. When you decide, I’ll be there for you, but the decision must be yours.”
Souls, before incarnating choose, with Free Will, which path to journey down: what steps to take, which trials to face for their evolution.
And if they still do not learn from the trials of the past, they will continue to face similar trials until they consciously decide to turn their experiences into Awareness and Love.
Nobody can do this for themselves, not even a Human Angel. If we want to help someone at any cost, we interfere with the journey of their soul, replacing their free choice to decide, how and when, they recognize their own divinity, and thus we expose ourselves, in our turn, to pain and frustration.Every human being, as God incarnate in a body, is the only and absolute creator of their own existence. By recognizing and honoring God in others, we recognize and honor God within ourselves…
( taken from the chapter 2.5 of our ebook “We Are Human Angels”, available on many ebook stores: Apple iBook Store, Barnes and Noble NOOK Books, Sony ebookStore, Diesel ebookStore and )