When we live in the ego, we look with our eyes and we listen with our ears. When we are in the Oneness we see, hear, live with the Intelligence of the Heart that is the union of Awareness and Love: our brain and our heart communicate and cooperate in order to consciously create our own reality.
When we recognize our Divine Nature in the Oneness, we begin to consciously use the frontal lobe of our brain, beyond the separation of the two hemispheres, which are always related to duality and judgment.

The frontal lobe is also known as the Throne of God, because this is where we create our reality through images that become our life matrix. The frontal lobe forms and hosts those images that are projected onto the mirror of our lives. What happens to us is nothing but a reflection of our mind, which emanates from the frontal lobe.
When we open our hearts to our Higher Self, we begin to create with Awareness and Love and our lives start to flow free and unhindered: we do not have to do anything, everything just happens.  So, free from the emotional quagmire of the ego, we become a conscious presence, listening deeply and in deep contact with ourselves and others. It is through the Intelligence of the Heart, that we, Human Angels, become Love in action.

( from the chapter 2.2-The intelligence of the heart- of  our ebook “We Are Human Angels”, available now at Barnes and Noble NOOK books, Apple iBook Store, Sony ebookStore, Diesel ebookStore and Smashwords.com )