To feel deeply the suffering of others and to know how to help them is a gift that we, as Human Angels, possess. How much pain do we see around us? And how strong is our desire to help others whenever and however?

But helping someone at all costs, means violating the Sacred Law of Free Will. When someone is suffering, we can offer, always and anyway, to be there for them, but we are free to intervene only when we have the consent of their soul.

Nobody can do this for themselves, not even a Human Angel. If we want to help someone at any cost, we interfere with the journey of their soul, replacing their free choice to decide, how and when, they recognize their own divinity, and thus we expose ourselves, in our turn, to pain and frustration.
According to the Sacred Law of Free Will, we can only wait until others, if and when, are ready to ask for our help, whether through words or silently, it doesn’t matter: we feel their request for help coming from their hearts to ours. Only then can we intervene and bear witness to Love.



Free Will