e apologize to all the readers and followers of this blog, because we have not written anything for almost two months.
During this period, we have chosen to devote all our energies to the project of our ebook, released first in English and Italian and then translated into Spanish.
Today we want to share with you a story about synchronicity and positive energies, and how together they  can co-create a world of expanding opportunities and Love. This story  has been inspired, in reality,  by the wonderful things that happened when we were dreaming of the possibility of having the Spanish translation of our book, and how it did happen.
When we wrote our ebook, a spiritual guide for Human Angels, our first purpose was that of sharing our healing journey with other souls. We have done this without expectations, but we have been pleasantly surprised when the first readers have begun to write positive comments on our Facebook page.
At that time, the ebook was available in English and Italian, and we were wondering if  it could be translated also into other languages, especially in Spanish. We were sending powerful intentions of having the ebook translated into Spanish  (but we did not have any specific idea, and we were not thinking of contacting someone for the translation)  when we received an e-mail from one of our readers, an Argentinian woman who lives in Boston and has a Yoga School.
She had just bought our ebook in English, and after reading it she wrote us telling that she loved so much the ebook, and that she wanted to translate it into Spanish. She imagined that it would have been wonderful to give to Spanish readers all around the world the opportunity of having the ebook available in their language. She didn’t ask to us a single penny for her work: she was only driven by her wish to share her reading experience.
That’s perfect synchronicity, we immediately thought! She was the right person at the right time! This “miracle” has become possible due to the resonating energies that we were spreading through the electronic pages of the book and the feelings of this such a wonderful person. We were so excited!  When unexpected things simply happen and come spontaneously into our lives it’s because the energies that become available to fulfill our dreams are driven by our positive intentions, and come from the same source of energy: that of Oneness. When we recognize that we are all One, everyone becomes our mirror, and reflects the same pure light that we are sending to the Uni-verse, in the joy of giving and receiving freely.  Victoria Garcia Drago ( this is her full name) has been for us an instrument of love in the same way we have been for her.  In becoming One with Life, everyone can draw from the same source of energy: the higher our intentions rise the greater will be the energy that the Universe makes available to us to satisfy them.
This is what we have done, and Victoria Garcia Drago came into our life for a reason: that of making this book available for a greater number of people in the world.
The  result of this covenant of Love has been a wonderful, perfectly resonating and beautifully inspired translation, another step into the path to Oneness that we have shared together, with Victoria and all the beautiful companions of this journey.
Many Thanks, Victoria. Many Thanks to you all. You are a Gift of Love. Be blessed!
With Love,
Human Angels
Our ebook is available in English ( “We Are Human Angels”) , Italian (“Essere Angeli Umani”) and now also in Spanish with the title “Somos Angeles Humanos” and you can find it on many online retailers: Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBook Store, Barnes and Noble NOOK Books, Kobo, Smashwords and many others.
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