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With Love, Human Angels

Follow Your Heart

Samar Saleh


Here I am gazing into an empty white screen looking for some words to write, I have no idea what I am going to be talking about, sometimes we reach a place where we can’t even understand ourselves, so we try to find the words to express, we throw our hearts on an empty paper and move a pen to get things outside, feelings and passions flow smoothly through the pen into the sheets, and there are times I found myself writing down some words that astonished me, and I knew that I can still surprise my self.

Maybe there are things deep inside our hearts that we can’t see, we know we are not feeling well but we can’t tell why, and so we need to dig inside to reach that place, we need to empty our hearts, some people paint drawings for it, some play music, some make photographs, some talk it out and others keep it in, for me … I always find myself writing it down, and each time I finish and put the pen aside I feel relieved.

“Follow your heart” that’s what they always say and perhaps that is exactly what we need to do, if your heart is in pain then learn how to heal it, get to know yourself so you don’t miss who you are meant to be, we are all destined for greatness, and life is your only chance to be great, seize it well till your last breath.

We need to learn how to be in touch with ourselves, for how can we expect others to understand what we cannot? So let us not bury our feelings deep inside for day after day the burden will get heavier and heavier, sometimes we need to throw certain things in the air and let them go, and then we will be able to walk again carrying along new feelings and thoughts, never let them be neglected, for they can always surprise you.