Our new ebook “365 Mantras for today” is downloadable for free at Smashwords.com and Apple iBook Store. Heal yourself, awaken the Human Angel within yourself, awaken the Divine you.

The 365 Mantras for today are a collection of original sentences written by ourselves and have been previously posted on our Facebook page “We Are Human Angels” that is dedicated to all Human Angels here on earth. Now we have chosen to share our mantras with you wishing that, day by day, they will lovingly guide you in your everyday life journey, bringing healing, joy and a new Consciousness into your lives. With the wish that these mantras will awaken the Human Angel within yourself.
Each mantra that you make your own, will become a ray of light that you turn on within yourself until you, free from every darkness and every fear, become a shining beacon that spreads its light into the world.