When we recognize ourselves as an indivisible part of the Oneness, we experience joy. When, however, identifying with the ego, we separate ourselves from the Oneness, we experience duality and suffering.

Overcoming the ego is removing the root cause. Feelings of pain, worry, shame, or a sense of guilt (the infinite ego symptoms) are a consequence of a single matrix: the illusion of duality that is judgment.

Our thoughts themselves bring judgment and duality: each concept is understood by our mind only when compared to their opposite. The meaning of “health”, for example, can be understood only if compared to that of “disease”. The meaning of “justice” can only be understood when compared to that of “injustice.”

In the Oneness, everything simply Is. Light is not the opposite of dark: Light simply Is. Love is not the opposite of hate: Love simply Is. Life is not the opposite of death: Life simply Is. Unity is not the opposite of duality: Unity simply Is. We cannot embrace the  Oneness, the Absolute, through the mind. We only have a relative understanding: everything we can know through the mind is only the illusion of separation.

The Oneness cannot be separated into mental categories, because this necessarily involves duality and judgment: we can only experience it and demonstrate it through the evidence of our behaviour. When we judge ourselves and others, we forget that we are an indivisible part of the Oneness and so we suffer continuously because of the illusion of separation.

When judgment separates us from the Oneness, only total and unconditional acceptance (of ourselves and others) can re-unite us with the Oneness, becoming part of the flow of Life and the Uni-versal plan of Love. Without judgment, the ego dies and takes with it all the burden of suffering that weighs on our lives. And we begin to unconditionally love ourselves and others.

Only when we stop judging can we truly love. When our quiet mind silences all judgment, can we finally rest in the infinite bliss of the Oneness.