What would happen if everyone stopped pursuing their own personal interests and, with the awareness that we are all One, set themselves in service to the Greater Good? It would be heaven on earth!
The world created by the ego is, nowadays, experiencing its dramatic fall. Now, from the ashes of the old world a new vision of Consciousness arises, whose messengers are the Human Angels. “When we live in the ego, we are human. When we live in the awareness of the Oneness, we are Human Angels”.

When we remember that we are Human Angels, we recognize ourselves in the Oneness and we clear the separation between us and everyone else, between us and the entire Uni-verse.  And so we come naturally to understand that we no longer have personal goals to achieve and that the only important goal is the Greater Good: the Good that includes and transcends the lives of everyone.

When we recognize that our personal good coincides with the Good of everyone, our inner light is turned on: at this point, when a human being becomes a Human Angel, their light, like a beacon, shines all around.
The more lights are lit, the more humanity will be enlightened in these dark times, when the world of the ego, driven to its extreme, has begun its dramatic collapse.

Live with your heart in service to the Oneness: Oneness is the Key and Unity is the way.