cover_engThe world created by the ego is, nowadays, experiencing its dramatic fall. Now, from the ashes of the old world a new vision of Consciousness arises, whose messengers are the Human Angels.

“When we live in the ego, we are human. When we live in the Awareness of the Oneness, we are Human Angels”.
When the ego and all its illusions die, we are reborn into the Oneness and we can finally express what we really are: Human Angels, souls who have incarnated in order to awaken themselves and others to the Awareness of the Oneness.
By witnessing who we are, we emit light and our light arrives, naturally and spontaneously, where it is needed, where there still lurks the illusion of darkness. Like beacons, we illuminate the route of those who are still traveling through the treacherous waters of the ego: this is the role we have chosen for ourselves as Human Angels.

We do not therefore need to say, to explain or try to convince, but simply by being who we Are, we remind others of their own Divine Nature. We become mirrors for those who, choosing to die in the ego, want to reflect in us in order to be reborn into the Oneness.

If you hear the call for a better world and would like to be an active part of the planetary awakening, if you feel you are a Human Angel and the time has come to open your heart and unfold your wings, you might be interested in reading our book “We are Human Angels”.

“The 7 Keys to overcome the ego” and “The 7 keys to live with the heart in service to the Oneness” are the titles of the two parts of this book to guide you, step by step, in your journey from overcoming the ego and the illusion of separation, until the fulfillment of your true nature as a Human Angel: aware, compassionate messenger of Love in service to the Oneness.
“Human Angels are like beacons: the more lights are lit, the more humanity will be enlightened in these dark times.”

The book “We Are Human Angels”, the first spiritual guide for Human Angels, is an out and out guide from the ego to the Oneness: for all those who hear the call for a better world, for all those who feel they were born for a greater purpose and would like to express it in their lives, in their relationships and in society.
As an ebook “We Are Human Angels” is distributed  worldwide through all major on-line retailers such as Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony Reader Store and Diesel. The paperback is available at

The book is also available in Spanish under the title “Somos Ángeles Humanos”, Portuguese (“Somos Anjos Humanos”) and Italian (“Essere Angeli Umani”). It will soon be available in Finnish, too.

The book’s official website can be found at: