20121214-211526.jpgDay by day, we are getting closer to 2012.12.21. There are lots of expectations about this date and many people are nowadays feeling worried about it. The word that is used to refer to this date is Apocalypse, that is often considered in a negative fashion. In reality this word does not mean “end of the planet”. Apocalypse (from the Ancient Greek: apocálypsis) means REVELATION. In a spiritual fashion, Apocalypse means that there is something hidden that is now revealing itself. Our world has been ruled and driven by the ego for such a long time that we have even forgotten that we can easily, and definitely, get rid of the “old world”. Since our childhood, we have been told that we must achieve success at all costs, and that we always have to show our strength and to hide our weakness, or we will be judged by others. This is the illusion of duality: I am successful, so I am right and worthy. You are not successful, then you are wrong and unworthy. Different powers, different rights. Once again, this vision of the world is a powerful trap of the ego to keep us glued to our old beliefs, to our old fears and habits. But in the depth of our hearts, we have always known the Truth since forever: we are all One and there is no separation between us and the others, between us and everyone else. Now we can finally begin to realize that things will never be the same. The world of the ego has begun its dramatic fall, and from its ashes a new vision arises: that of Oneness. When, looking at our lives, we realize that we are all One, we clear the separation between and everyone else, between us and the entire Universe. We finally realize that our personal good coincides with the Good of everyone: in this way, we can witness the Oneness. This is the real meaning of the word “Apocalypse”: we have finally achieved the Consciousness that we have the power to change our lives, to convert our shadow into Light. The Apocalypse (Revelation) process started within ourselves many years ago, even if we were not conscious of its healing power. The fight between our light and our shadow has been a long and sometimes even painful battle: our ego vs our Higher Self, a battle in which the ego was using its usual tools and traps (fear of loss, fear of change) and our Higher Self was simply helping us in remembering our Divine Nature in the Oneness. Now, we have finally realized that fear is only an illusion created by our mind. Now we are free from the shackles of the past and we can begin our new, joyful life in the joy of giving and receiving freely. Now we are ending our personal Apocalypse (in the way we were considering it). NOW the time has come to re-connect each other, testifying to the truth of the ONENESS, letting our Higher Selves drive us -all together- in a new land of Love and Plenty. This is the beginning of a new, brighter Life.
With Love,
Human Angels