20121217-191347.jpg The past continues to live within us and, although we try to rid ourselves of it, the old suffering continues to echo within us and produce new distress.
Only forgiveness can free us from the past and undo the old ties, opening our hearts to a paradise of gratitude. But to do this, we must first cleanse our cellular memory from the anger and resentment that the illusion of separation has imprinted onto our cells.
To cleanse our cellular memory means that we forgive, definitely and from the bottom of our hearts, those who have hurt us, disappointed or abandoned us, starting from the oldest memories (those of our childhood), up to the most recent injuries.
Only through forgiving can we understand that there is nothing and no one to forgive. And that we too, if we have hurt someone, have been for them, nothing more than an instrument of Love in the same way they have been for us.
Forgiveness that comes from the ego is an act of true presumption: “Even if you were wrong, I am so good and magnanimous to forgive you.”
From the perspective of the Oneness, we forgive by becoming aware that we are the co-creators of our own suffering: “I forgive you. You have been my mirror through which I could understand how much I did not love myself. I feel for you the most profound gratitude. Thanks to you I have become conscious of my wounds and am now able to observe, recognize and heal them.”
When you forgive others, in order to forgive yourself you become free from the past and are able to understand that there is really nothing and no one to forgive.
There can be no true overcoming of the ego without forgiveness in the Oneness.
The act of forgiveness unties each and every knot. Only Love and gratitude can set us free.