When your ego surrenders to the Higher Self, you become a Human Angel: a radiating center of Light, an active and conscious part of the Uni-versal project of Love
When the ego and all its illusions die, we are reborn into the Oneness and we can finally express what we really are: Human Angels, souls who have incarnated in order to awaken themselves and others to the Awareness of the Oneness.
By witnessing who we are, we emit light and our light arrives, naturally and spontaneously, where it is needed, where there still lurks the illusion of darkness. Like beacons, we illuminate the route of those who are still traveling through the treacherous waters of the ego: this is the role we have chosen for ourselves as Human Angels.
We become mirrors for those who, choosing to die in the ego, want to reflect in us in order to be reborn into the Oneness.
In the Oneness, nobody, including Human Angels, is special. In the Oneness everything is Love, and everyone, (whatever they do and beyond any judgment) is, consciously or unconsciously, but still indivisibly, part of the Uni-versal project of Love.
Life becomes our supreme master, we honor and bless Life, recognizing that, by dealing with our most difficult trials, we have reached the highest point of awareness.
When we re-unite in the Oneness, suffering fades and even the memory of all the suffering vanishes. The death of the ego finally allows us to be reborn in Love, and this instantly heals all our wounds, cleansing the memory.
Everything we experience is Love and Joy, and everything we remember is our Divine Nature.

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