Image“That’s life”. How many times have we heard someone say: “Hey, that’s life, don’t worry, it has happened to me too”. Has this resonated within us as a great truth, when we have heard it? But what does really make the difference in our perception about the meaning of this sentence when “it has happened to ME too”?

Just one day ago someone, a hacker, has stolen our Facebook password and has violated our account. In less than two minutes, while we were desperately realizing that something was going wrong with our administrator panel, we have lost four years of beatifully inspired work, made of inspiration, love, light and joy that we have shared with many wonderful people. We had a community of more than 185.000 fans, and now we do not have anything. Someone else is now posting fake things, and we can simply look at the page that we were running till yesterday and…do nothing. Nothing at all. Sorrow, sadness and a sense of desperation were finding room in our hearts. But when such things happen, we all have only two choices: feeling the pain of what we have lost, or feeling the joy for a new beginning. As some among you already know, we are authors. We have published two books, one of these books has already been translated by our readers into many languages, and many other translation will come soon, very soon. We cannot complain. We cannot be sorry. Once, in one of our posts, we wrote. “Even in your saddest moments, remember that you always have a good reason to smile and to be thankful to life”. Okay, now it is our turn to turn (sorry for the word repetition) our sadness into joy, to convert our shadow into Light. A few days ago, we were talking about this blog here on WordPress. We knew that, due to so many things to do about our books (proof reading, other social network sites to run – oh! the Facebook page was a huge although pleasant daily effort – new texts, new ideas, answers to the fans, interactions and questions, that we were completely leaving alone this wonderful creature: our blog. So, now we are here again, “forced” to be here by the events that have occurred into our life. But thing never happen by chance, if chance really exists?. We have been driven here again by an inscrutable plan of the destiny, the kind of destiny that we choose for us even when we are not conscious of what’s happening around us. Probably, we wanted to come back here, we wanted to write again something longer than a 4 rows post or a 140 characters tweet…We honor FB and Twitter, they have given us an enormous exposure and we have gained respect and appreciation for our inspirational thoughts and posts and tweets. Now it is time for a new change, an upgrade, or simply for something old that becomes new. We are really happy to be here. You were probably not missing us (or not?) but we are thankful to that *** hacker who has stolen 4 years of our life in just two seconds. Time is relevant, we are all here with the purpose of making our life the best life for us and our beloved ones. And so, we are sorry for what we have lost but we are happy for what we have found. We are here again, full of positive energies, with our little, beloved, wonderful little grandaughter who’s running in our house, bringing joy and innocence in our life. We are alive, this is a gift to live to the fullest. We love you all, please accept our apologies for coming back just right now. A Big Hug! 

Human Angels

Our (ex) Facebook page that has been hacked and violated is named “We Are Human Angels”. We were the administrators, now this page is only full of crap. God bless you all