As we are watching the old world paradigm wind down we are beginning to see the world as it truly is, without the benefit of the blinders, rose-colored glasses or other means we use to hide the aspects of life we do not want to acknowledge. Our eyes are now open to where and how we give our power away, allow others to take control, and avoid responsibility for ourselves. These are being revealed to us so we can know how powerful the illusion is and ensure that we do not use this opportunity for transformation to move from one fear-based illusion into another.

We spend most of our time in the familiar, comfortable and predictable world of our illusion, unaware of how narrow our view of the world and Universe really is. Once the light is turned on we see that we have been living in a small box within a vast ocean of possibilities. The choice should be obvious, but it isn’t. Do we leave the comfort of the box and the world we know or do we venture out into the ocean of possibilities, in which we will have to either learn to swim or we will drown. Sometimes the fear of drowning makes the box a very attractive option.

Every aspect of the world is based on an illusion whose foundation is powerlessness, fear and control. No aspect of life, society, finance, or government is exempt from this truth. As energy is diverted away from the illusion and focused on truth, self power, unconditional love and divine purpose, its support erodes and it crumbles. On a global level we are seeing this in the collapse of financial institutions, governments and in earth changes such as earthquakes, unusual weather, and floods that reveal how fragile the illusion is. Once its support is removed, everything around it falls.

In our individual illusion transformation is occurring on a profound level. The transforming event may be an illness, a forced career change, the death of a loved one, or other life upset. The real purpose of these events is to shed light on our illusion so we can shift our dependence on the safety of the illusion into creative transformation. Wherever we are most afraid, powerless and dependent is where the illusion is strongest and where change will happen. Then we must decide, do we move into another box or learn to swim in the sea of possibilities that is available to us? This is the choice that will determine whether we, the family of humanity, will be ready to step into the new paradigm that is waiting for us and create a collective reality based on truth, love and within our purpose of creating heaven on earth.